What makes Blaze different?

Blaze fills the gap between monolithic frameworks like Bootstrap, UIKit and Semantic, and "micro" ones such as Skeleton, Milligram and Min.


Blaze won't automatically take control of any of your design unless you want it to. With other toolkits all you need to do is reference the stylesheet and an unknown number of elements have CSS applied. We think you'd prefer to be in control.

We also think providing a opt-in approach will reduce the number of conflicts you might experience between Blaze and your own CSS, not to mention any other frameworks you use in-conjunction.


Blaze follows BEM and Inverted Triangle naming conventions to give meaning and context to our selectors.

We've worked hard on making our selectors meaningful. Our classes provide clarity to anyone reading the code which makes maintaining your code a lot easier.


Micro-frameworks tend to sacrifice a lot of usefulness for the file size, leaving the developer wanting more. We took the approach that provides a decent set of components built on top of solid foundations.